recording problem with Audacity (distored recording)

every time I load a separate wav file (such as instrument track or other vocals) and hit record to sing my own voice as a new track in Audacity, my voice ALWAYS records very distorted and staticy!!! I have Audacity 2.0.0 and this issue has occurred in all previous versions of Audacity as well!!! but if I just record my voice alone, this issue DOES NOT exist!!! I need Audacity for what I am trying to do because I am singing a chorus to a song with a friend ( a duet) who sent me her wav files in email all the way from AZ (I am in MI)

If you make an overdub you can get the tracks drifting apart over time or distortion problems due to poor sound card drivers or mismatched sample rates, or both.

Have a look at the “To fix this, try the following” bullet points here: .