Recording Problem With Audacity 1.2.6

Please help!!!
I’m new at recording records to computers, and then to CD’s.
I’m using Audacity v/ 1.2.6, and Audacity produces a file format, (.aup) extension.
When I try to add the file into Nero Express, to record as an audio cd, I get an error message that
the files are copyright protected and cannot open this file.

My Playback Devise: Microsoft Sound Mapper

My Record Devise: Microsoft Sound Mapper

My Uncompressed Export Format: WAV ( Microsoft 16 bit PCM)

How can I configure Audacity to make a file which can be read by most CD Copier programs???

Thank you.

Audacity does two or three things to make this difficult.

Go into Audacity Preferences and set the number of channels to 2 (stereo). Audacity wants to be 1 (mono) when it wakes up. Audacity also defaults to 44100, 32-bit floating digital format. Change that to 44100, 16-bit.

Audacity does not “Save” sound files. Export a new WAV file at the revised settings and that should drop right into your authoring and burning program.

I would probably do a short fresh capture with the new settings to make sure everything works before you try to rescue an old capture.

Better still, download the Piano Trill sound clip from here…

…and use that to burn onto a CD to mske sure it all works. It’s 6 seconds, but it’s a perfect sound file. Then try to burn something of your own, than go for the Big Gulp and process a whole album.