Recording Problem - Threshold?

After years of using Audacity, I’m suddenly having a problem.

I’m recording my guitar playing, but it’s coming out terrible (and I don’t mean my playing :wink: ).
It seems as if when the sound decays, it falls beneath a threshold, where the sound drops out completely, so there is no sustainability of notes that are left “ringing”.
Also, there are drops in volume as I play.

Did I mess up a setting or something?

The noise-suppression “enhancement” built-in to the computer’s sound card will do that ,
you should switch-off all such enhancements when recording music …[u]Why_do_my_recordings_fade_out[/u]

You may have enabled noise-suppression if you used your computer for Skype-type VIOP , for which that enhancement was designed.

Thanks for the reply.

I didn’t see an Environment Tab following your instructions, but I did find a Dell Audio icon in the systray. It show "Conexant Microphone Enhancement (improved quality for recording and two-way voice communication) turned ON, with a preset for Noise Reduction. I might not get back to my project for a couple of days, but when I do, I’ll try turning it off.

My other option, which should have been my first choice anyway, is instead of using my $2 computer mic, running my more professional, higher quality mic, into an external preamp, and into the right/left audio input jacks on my computer. I’d just gone for the simpler setup :frowning:

I think you’ve found the cure.
[ the microphone “enhancements” are for Skype-type voice communication ,
they ruin any attempt to record a musical performance ].