Recording "Popping" Issue

Hey, first time posting here, so I apologize if this has been a topic before, but I couldn’t find it I’ve got Windows 7 and version 2.0.6 and periodically while recording there will be these short 1-2 second times where nothing will be recorded and instead a sharp spike in the sound tracking will occur; this plays back as a sharp click or pop. I’ve tried un- and re-installing Audacity, lowing the Project Rate, and generating silence while recording. I tried to google this problem but no one seemed to have the same issue of the recording stopping, having the click, and then continuing. The problem is that during the interval it stops nothing records, so I can’t just delete the click since nothing in the interval recorded. Any help is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!

What are you recording? What’s the show? What else is the machine doing? Skype is famous for having its way with a computer over everything else.


What’s the repetition rate. About every hour?

Can you post a WAV of one of the pops? Five seconds with the pop in the middle.


There really isn’t a show, just general voice recording; it can happen at any time. And Skype isn’t running, and neither is any other program or window.

What is the make and model number of the mic? How does it connect to the computer?

Have you tried