Recording point behavior

I am guessing at the terminology so bear with me…

On one computer the point where the music is being recorded moves across the time line while the audio track remains stationary. When the recording location is close to the right border, the audio track and cursor move to the left and continues recording.

On the second computer, same software version, the recording point remains fixed in the center while the audio track moves to the left as it is recorded.

How do I get the first computer to pace like the second computer.

I am sure that If I knew the terminology, I could have said all that in 10 words or less.
This is like the thousand words, you show me the picture…

Have a look at this page in the Manual:

Note that in the soon to be upcoming 2.4.0 the switching mechanism changes slightly (to using a drop-down menu rather than a simple click - too many folk were clicking there accidentally and then wondering why the behavior had changed).


Found it! It took me a while, it would be nice of the directions showed a larger picture than just the button and say it is up there next to the number thingie line …

A handy tip:
The big picture of Audacity on the front page of the manual can be clicked on to take you to the relevant section of the manual.

which is precisely what I used to navigate to that page for my earlier post :nerd: