Recording plays only one side of conversation

I did a Skype recording using PowerGramo (I do this for a weekly podcast). This is a first for this issue, I exported as mp3 to Audacity and it only plays the sound from my guest and not mine.

Is there some setting which I have used incorrectly that causes this? Can this recording be fixed?

Thank you.

As Audacity is playing the file with no error, I’d imagine that the problem must a Skype/PowerGramo issue.
Has this worked previously?

Can this recording be fixed?

No. If there’s no voice on the track then that’s the end.

Skype is notoriously difficult to record. You can record inbound or outbound or damage the Skype connection. Typically you can’t do it without third-party software, which brings to PowerGramo.

I would guess there’s a setting there that may be incorrect.

Watch the Audacity bouncing light sound meters. if somebody talks and they don’t bounce, there’s something wrong. You can (and should) make the meters bigger to make this diagnostic easier. Click on the right-hand edge and drag bigger.