Recording playing back too fast

I use Windows 10 and Audacity 2.3.2.
On my previous laptop I recorded a podcast. I switched to a new laptop to edit without issue, until I recorded an intro. It is playing back at a high rate. How do I record at a normal speed? I did not change the playback speed. Any suggestions?

Is the Project Sample Rate lower left and the Sample Rate of the recorded track (on the left) the same?


That was the problem!! Thank you kozikowski!

New here - similar problem. I was mixing a few tracks for a podcast. Needed another bit of dialog. When I recorded it using the “Record” button the track was created at half the sampling rate of the existing material (i.e., when I played it I sounded like Alvin the chipmunk). How do I adjust the sampling rate so the track I record is consistent with other recorded material? I imported the other tracks and they came in at 44100 bit rate. The audio from the Record button was created at 22050.

I"m using Windows 10 (current, enterprise edition) and Audacity 2.3.3

Thanks in advance -