Recording playback trouble

Hello, my problem is as follow. I have been using Audacity for many years now, but this new version 2024 is giving me some problems. When I record my guitar and play back, it has no resonance, know what I mean? You know, when you play the strings of the guitar, the sound remains as resonance, but in the playback it sound off, the resonance is cut off somehow
I will appreciate you help me out, if you need a sample recording of what I try to explain to you, I will appreciate it you letme know how to send it to you. Thanks.

Make sure Windows “enhancements” are turned OFF.

I think you mean no sustain …
A standard ADSR envelope.
[resonance is something different]

Audacity is not responsible. A noise-gate “audio enhancement” is being applied before the sound gets to Audacity.

There can be a second layer of “audio enhancements” sometimes called MaxxAudio, or DTS. [BTW a noise-gate is a recording, rather then playback, enhancement].

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