Recording playback quality, help

I’ve made ny first recording and the following is apparent on play back the sound is a bit distorted and not quite accurate especially on complexed parts of tracks (dance music) sound is a bit weak sounding in general.
My set up is as follows playing digital format via anologue turntables with touch dvs software which uses time encoded vinyl to play back in real time.

my turntables are connected to a versa point usb sound card and then from the sound card back to my mixer from the mixer through the (adjustable) booth output to a ground loop iscolator and then to a behringer UCA 222 usb audio interface.
Any suggestions where to start looking for the problem obvious answers too, as I’m very new to this set up and software.

That sounds like a rather complex setup… Not sure if I fully understand the audio path there, but seems like you’re using a lot of equipment… that means you have lots of places where to introduce noise and distort the signal…

Distorted signal usually means clipping, so one of your equipment might have the gain to high.

Then you say the overall level is low there might be other equipment where the gain is low… but it’s always better to be too low than too high…

Too high means clipping and that’s unrecoverable damage… If it’s too low you can always amplify it, only problem there is that noise will be amplified too, but no unreparable damage is done.

Can you take a pic or draw a simple schematic of your setup? it would be easier to understand what the sound path is.