Recording & Playback levels

Hi Folks, it been a while since I’ve last done any recording so I’m starting afresh (use it or lose it as they say)

After exporting a project to MP3 file format, the MP3 playback level is lower than Project playback level even though I’ve not adjusted the speaker level. i’ve tried to Amplify (not sure if that is the correct thing to do)before I exported but it made no difference.

Any Tips?



How are you playing the M3? In “Rhthymbox” in Ubuntu 10.04? On your iPod? In Audacity on the same Windows 7 computer?

Hi Steve,

Sorry, should have said. Audacity V 2.0 and Windows 7.

I’m using my PC for both playbacks, the MP3 file is played using the Windows Media Player, the Project through Audacity.

I remember having this problem before but can’t recall how I fixed it.

Volume control in Media Player?


Also check the settings in the Windows Mixer (Click on the speaker icon).

Topic moved to the Windows forum.

Thanks for the useful tips guys -I told you it was a long time since I done any recording.

TX once again