Recording playback is barely audible

My recordings from my cassette player are barely audible. I need them to be at least as loud as the cassette player. I have set the speaker at C-Media USB…, the recorder at iMic USB audio…, but I don’t know what “core” and “core audio” mean. I’ve also set the horizontal slide bars all the way to the right (Maximum) for both speaker and recorder. What have I overlooked? Oh, for what it’s worth, the cassette player is connected to my iMac computer with an iMic.

What make and model of cassette player is it? What jack(s) are you plugging into on the cassette player? What Mac model do you have?

When you are recording, what kind of indication do you get on the recording meters? Are they going almost all the way to the right, or are they barely moving?

You shouldn’t need the iMic to record from the cassette machine as most Macs include a line input port.

– Bill