Recording Piano using Audacity

I have recorded thru a MIDI cable directly into my notation software. How can I achieve that direct connection with Audacity? I can record by running the cable from my piano’s headphone jack to the audio/in on the computer. It plays back and sounds sensational. The problem is, with it plugged into the headphone jack (I have two) I cannot hear what I am playing while I am playing it. I tried but failed to find a way to get around this…the audio out (piano) is one of those four or five prong plugs, and I haven’t found a cable with prongs on one end, and a compatable connection for my computer.
I tried using a headphone on my second jack. I could hear Mono, and it recorded Mono, even though I had it set for stereo.
The piano sound is so beautiful…I hate to give up when I am so close. It’s probably something simple, but I am stumped.

While you could adjust Audacity to play at the same time it’s recording, that generally comes out a fraction of a second late and it would make you crazy. I use a headphone “Y” cable. One side of the “Y” goes to the sound system or headphones and the other I plug into the computer.

Adapt, adjust, or select the cable to get the right sizes you need. For example, my keyboard has 1/4" stereo sockets and not 1/8", so I use one of these…

The computer connects with one of these…


That was incredibly helpful, thanks for your posts. I am a keyboardist/vocalist and am just starting out with Audacity. I never would have even thought of the problem that once I get the keyboard hooked into the computer, I will not be able to hear it! Now I know what cables to buy. Thanks again!


You’re welcome. I’m going on your description of existing recordings as sounding very good. Most Windows machines can’t do that very well. I’m on a classic Mac laptop and I do have a very high quality stereo connection for recording. Koz