Recording PC Audio along with Mic Audio

So I know how to do this, but the System audio is real quiet, ive check the volume of the thing im recording along with the record volume in Audacity.

If it’s a Windows system, left mouse click on the loudspeaker icon (near the clock) then click on “Mixer” where you can set the level of PC notification “Windows sounds” by adjusting the slider …

I’m not dumb. I’ve already tried that. If you read what i said, when i have my input device disabled and i record system audio its fine, but when i enable to my input device it lowers the system audio in the recording.

If you read what you said, you just said “system audio is real quiet”.

Assuming you are on Windows Vista or 7, go to “Sound” in the Windows Control Panel, click the “Communications” tab and choose “Do nothing”.

If that doesn’t help, please tell us what operating system and version of Audacity you have. And you will get better quality and more flexible results as I am sure you know by saving the pc audio you are recording as a file, then record over playback of that file in Audacity.


no communications tab, im on vista

I have an idea - why don’t you post a reasonable amount of information about your system, the hardware and software, and details about the problem, then we may not need to ask so many “dumb questions”.

OK, it does seem that feature (which turns down other sounds when “communications activity” is detected) is not on a “Communications” tab in Vista, and may only be in Windows 7. It would have explained your issue.

What version of Audacity are you using?
What is your “input device” - internal mic, or external mic connected to mic port?

Please go to the “Recording tab” of Sound. Right-click over the input device you are using and click “Properties”. Look on all the tabs for any effects or enhancements or controls that adjust levels. Do the same by right-clicking over your playback device > Properties on the “Playback” tab of “Sound”.

Also look for an individual control panel for the sound device you are using (it may have an icon by the system clock or may be in “Control Panel” which you can get to from the Windows globe).

If you record your PC audio into Audacity, save it as an Audacity project, Edit > Preferences and find the option (Audio I/O or Recording tab) that says “Play other tracks while recording new one”, then record your mic, do you still have the same issue?


1.3 beta
headset mic, turtle beach X1

Possible suspects for muting your windows Vista notification sounds when other “priority” sound is playing …
vista audio priority tick boxes.png

i don’t see any “Audio Devices” in my control panel.

Are you perhaps not clicking “Classic View” in the above instructions?

So does the Turtle Beach headset appear as a separate audio device on the Playback and Recording tab of “Sound” in the Windows Control Panel? Have you right-clicked over it > Properties and looked at all the tabs as I suggested? In that case you should be able to get to the Exclusive Mode boxes that way. Trebor’s suggestion is that you uncheck those boxes for the headset device if they are checked.

Are you playing the PC audio through Realtek as I am guessing, then setting Realtek to listen to mic of the USB headset? I’m not sure Trebor’s solution would help unless you were playing the PC audio through the headset, but if it’s a USB recording device that won’t let you record the computer playback.

Generally, the fuller answers you can give, together with screenshots of “Playback” and “Recording” would really help

Also, if you can get to “Audio Devices” and “Sound Themes” via the Classic View in the Windows Control Panel, I also suggest you click on the “Sound Events” tab to see if there is anything relevant there.