'Recording Paused" message


ok, at the bottom of the audacity screen which normally shows message “recording” I’m receiving a message on occasion that the ‘recording is paused’ it stays for just a second or so if that then disappears. Does anyone know what might be causing this?

windows 10 professional
converting Vinyl records to mpe format from a ION usb table.

I’ve converted a couple hundred albums before and not seen this message.

Also, it seems to distort the music wobble/flutter etc…

Any ideas?


You likely have Sound Activated Recording enabled.

Stop the recording, then uncheck Transport > Transport Options > Sound Activated Recording (on/off).

You can do the same thing by Edit > Preferences > Recording > uncheck Enable Sound Activated Recording.

I hope this helps. :smiley:

Thanks Jademan for that info. It drove me crazy and I did not see your post explaining the issue. Voila - It’s now working again. I’ve replaced 3 turntables going up the level of value thinking it was related to the recording equipment. You saved the day!!! :smiley: :arrow_right: Returning to the task of recording my massive collection of Vinyl. Fun listening even though the recordings till now sounded like poo! :laughing: For the life of me I don’t know how that got checked and enabled but it was the culprit.


Mike you are welcome, 4.5 months later. :wink: Glad you got it all sorted. :smiley:


Well it was a blast for me the last four months working thru the issue… :laughing: I started with a replacement for my ION usb turntable that died after several years of use. That’s where the issues started. Then moved up to a Sony belt drive turntable - same problems returned, then purchased an Audiotech AT-LP120XUSB. The sound is really good so I didn’t mind the recording of the same albums over and over. Also, I realized it was not the turntable but something with the software. Was interrupted with a few health issues that sidetracked me and delays going thru the returning and replacing of equipment. Funny how life goes by so fast - if you had asked me I thought it was only a few weeks maybe a month ago that I posted the original question… the purity of the senior moments! But all is good that ends well.

Thanks again Mike :mrgreen:

What would life be without the little adventures and distractions…