Recording parts of stream

Hi, I am trying to record the sound of streaming TV and omit the commercials. I find that neither pause (shortkey p) then record (shortkey r) or record-stop (shortkey s) are reliable. What’s the reliable way to go about this? I’m blind and having some trouble reading the forum, so would appreciate it if you could send me a message instead of posting here. Thanks so much!

We don’t answer questions by messages and this is not a specialist forum for the blind.

I suggest you upgrade to the latest Audacity 2.0.5 from here . I know of no reason why the shortcuts are not reliable. Might you have a sticking keyboard?

Then read this “JAWS guide to Audacity”: .

Then subscribe to the audacity4blind mailing list:

  1. Enter the e-mail address you want to subscribe with at, leaving the password field blank.
  2. Wait for an e-mail that contains an activation link, then click that link.
  3. In the web page that you come to, click the “Subscribe” button under the “Available Commands” list on the right.

If you use audacity4blind then you can receive the list messages in your e-mail client,ask questions and get help from other blind users and learn lots of useful tips every day.