Recording Overdub'd to death

After an hour+ recording I listened to the clip and discovered it was a garbled buzz

Poking around a bit I found Overdub checked (an error of mine own demise)
After unchecking it and creating a sample recording it sounded fine.

Question is: Is my hour plus of recording now junk or can it be salvaged by reversing the overdub?

I don’t have much understanding of how overdub works except that there may be some input into the recording that was mixed in as I was recording that caused the result.

I am using the latest version of Audacity on WinXP (previous recordings have worked out awesomely!)

Overdub creates a second music track with just new work on it and plays the original track back to your headphones so you can play your guitar on pitch or in rhythm. So you should have created two very nice independent sound tracks that you can easily split up into songs.


If you had Stereo-Mix, Wave-Out, or What-U-Hear selected and were recording internet music, the second track would be a (probably overloaded) mashup of the new and old. The original track should still be OK – assuming you didn’t Export a stand-alone show file with mixdown selected. In that case, you now have trash.


Thanks for the comments.

I was recording an original track with Overdub checked. This seems more like the second scenario where they were mashed but during the initial recording. I guess that file is junk.

The general rule for that is you can’t split apart instruments in a mixed recording. Koz