Recording over imported track not working

I have been using audacity for years (an outdated version on an outdated computer) - I have had no issues at all

I recently got a new computer and now have the current version of Audacity.

I use an interface connected to a Roland Vt4.

It is recognised in Audacity, and will record.

However. If I import a file track (a downloaded beat) it then prevents me from being able to record over it, and comes up saying recording device not found

It is incredibly frustrating and I would appreciate some help

As well as this - the gain function won’t change the volume of the tracks and I cannot record because it’s too loud

Do you get a specific error message ? After plugging in your device, you may need to do Transport > Rescan Audio Devices, then repeat your Audio Setup.

You need to turn down the volume at the point where the audio signal is digitized - in this case in the Roland Vt4.

Does it work if you disable “Hear other tracks during recording” in Transport → Transport Options?

It’s just coming up saying “unanticipated host error” and then “error code: 0 success”

I have tried all things recommended and still nothing :frowning:

And Roland has no effect on the gain/volume issue - I should mention Audacity is the only software I’m having issues with when it comes to that

Yes, it works that way. But it’s no use as I need to obviously be able to hear the other tracks when recording :frowning:

The gain function works when a single track is on the screen - but as soon as I add another track to record over the existing one - the gain function fails to work and all of the tracks are stuck at a very loud volume

The Roland makes no difference as that it just used to record - what I’m referring to is that any audio track that is on the Audacity screen, cannot be changed in volume unless there is only a single one on there

This can sometimes be corrected by switching from MME to WASAPI or rebooting your computer.

Which gain function ?

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