recording over a instrumental track

ok … I want to import a scratch track and record a voice track while listening to the scratch track and I have the instrumental track to overdub the voice track… like I would do in the studio. if you know what I mean please help because I can’t hear the music while recording like in a real studio.

What equipment are you using and how is it all connected together?

I have a stereo microphone that is of studio quality hooked up through the 1/4 inch microphone jack on my HP windows 10 laptop … do you need any other info? I just want to play the scratch track will recording voice then drop the scratch track and load up an instrumental version and attach the voice to the instrumental track… I have all the versions of the song on my computer and I just want to add vocals … Do you get what I mean? because I can do it in the studio… But I can’t seem to do it on this free program… Do I just need to download and pay for a better digital studio?

through the 1/4 inch microphone jack

Probably 1/8" microphone jack…

Audacity does overdubbing just fine, but the backing track has to be in Audacity. Audacity can’t reach out and affect external tracks. So you have to have at least one blue wave track to start, and plain, standard playback has to work, too.

I wrote the original overdubbing tutorial and we were clear plain recording and playback has to work perfectly before you start overdubbing.

Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Recording. [X] overdubbing should be the only thing selected.