Recording output from speaker


I am an Indian classical musician. I have made some tracks using a software which unfortunately cannot save the tracks in MP3. I want to record those tracks into audacity so I can export them into MP3. (BTW, the file format isn’t specified there, you have to load it with the software and can’t open default with them.)

Windows Version: Windows 8
Audacity Version: 2.0.3
Using the .exe installer.

Audacity will not Export an MP3 file without the “lame” software package which you have to install separately.

If you try to manage advanced sound files that Audacity doesn’t already know about or understand, then you may also need the FFMpeg helper software.

You need the MP3 files to post your work on-line or to send it to someone through email? MP3 does not make very good archive files. It may be space saving, but all compressed formats cause some sound damage and you may never get to edit the music later without causing more sound damage.

We recommend saving the work in WAV (or FLAC) and only make MP3 files when you need them. You can always go down in quality, but you can’t go back up.


I have Lame, but it hasn’t been working lately.

You have not given enough information to allow anyone to help.