Recording only USB turntable [SOLVED]

I have an iMac - OS X 10.9.4

Just installed Audacity 2.0.6 and recorded a vinyl record using my new USB turntable (Zennox D6207).

It recorded the music but it also recorded me coughing and the sound of my washing machine in the background. Can’t work out what I’m doing wrong - please help!

You recorded from the internal microphone. You need to set the input to the computer to “USB Audio CODEC” in System Preferences > Sound > Input, then do the same in Audacity using the Device Toolbar

Try the instructions on this page.

– Bill

Thanks for the quick response.

Did as you suggested in System Prefs but no such option seems available in Audacity.

Tested again, same result.

The Device Toolbar doesn’t provide me with any options.

Please be more specific.

Is the “USB Audio CODEC” available as an input in System Preferences > Sound > Input?
If it is, and you select it and then play a record on the turntable do you see the blue sound meter bouncing in System Preferences?

Have you quit and restarted Audacity after selecting the USB Audio Codec in System Preferences?

Have you tried doing Transport (menu) > Rescan Audio Devices in Audacity?

– Bill

Good man, Bill. The restart seemed to do the trick. Thanks very much.

No doubt, I’ll need some more help when saving files across to iTunes!

Cheers again.