recording only out of one speaker!!!!! I NEED HELP

i recorded Dragonforce - through the fire and flames off a website but when i play it back it only plays out the left speaker. This is the same for every thing else i record. Help would be very, very much appreciated.

~ Thanks!

Audacity wakes up from First Birthday in Mono, not stereo. Reset in Preferences.

If that’s OK, do you get both bouncing red lights, left and right when you make a recording? Do you get two blue waveforms on your timeline? Like this:


Well i can choose between stereo and mono, and yes i do have two blue waveforms on my time line.

When you play the clip you should get both of the Audacity green bouncing lights in the sound meter. If all that is OK, then you got a good recording and there’s something wrong with your playback.

You can download the piano trill from here…

…and put it on a timeline by itself. Play it. Do you still hear only one side? That clip has both sides recorded–guaranteed. Start checking cables and plugs and speakers–or maybe amplifiers if you have a fancy sound system.


WOW my back plug wasn’t plugged in all the way lmao thanks!!!