How can I make it just record internal sounds (like playing a song on my computer to record)
Is this a setting in Audacity? If so where is it?
Or is it a setting on my computer since my computer has a webcam (which picks up sounds)

Please Help!!

Audacity can select from available devices - use the Device Toolbar:

If the device that you wish to use cannot be selected the you will need to enable it through the computer settings. If you’re using Vista or Win 7, see here:

Maybe I’m dense, but I can’t seem to get the answer from the reply. Which input recorder do you use to just record sounds from the inside of the computer? I checked out the two links, but they didn’t answer the question well enough for me to understand. Thanks.

this link may be a better bet for you:


You would have got a better answer if you had read the pink panel at the top of this page and posted in the Forum board for your operating system. You still haven’t said what version of Windows or Mac you have now. Please state that if you need more help.