Recording Online Troubles!

I just bought a new set with Windows 10; right away uploaded the new Audacity software available for said system and began recording for my syndicated show. All worked just fine, and the fun lasted about 4 days when all just stopped. When I hit the record button Audacity pulls up another recording line beneath the original line and just begins to record a flat line. Basically, nothing.

I checked to see if I had a windows update that may have changed something but the only update I had was an Adobe Flash player security update–could this have caused my Audacity to just suddenly not record from online websites like YouTube?

Can anyone suggest settings I should be checking on either Windows or Audacity. I have checked what I could but see nothing obvious.

Thank you.

I can’t make out what you’re doing from the post.

recording for my syndicated show.
suddenly not record from online websites like YouTube?

What are you doing in detail? Does this all boil down to “Audacity stopped recording from YouTube?”

Adobe Flash player security update

While I don’t think that’s what caused the problem, Flash has a terrible reputation for vulnerabilities and security problems. A while back it was widely recommended that users rip out Flash and leave it that way.

You can hear YouTube, but you can’t record it, right?
This is the post for recording streaming audio.