Recording online presentation [SOLVED]

Here is a basic description:

Win 7/64 HP
2.8 GHZ / 12 Gig Mem.
A HP machine.

Wanting to record audio from a sales presentation -

Have - Real Tek Digital Output Sound card made on M/B

In control panel -
I can identify the headphones attached.
I can identify the RealTek Digital Output
And toggle back and forth to watch the indicator bar
change with the voice modulation as the sales presentation is made.

I can hear through the headphones that presentation
When the headphones are made to be default.

I can see the RealTek digital output bar acting as
the same way - on the right side of the screen with
the speaker’s voice changes.

All in windows control panel.

I open up the audacity program - 2.0.6
Attempt to do a recording -

And there is nothing - A straight line
as the record function is active.

I write asking -
2 things -

The slide bars in the microphone area do not respond -
Reading tells me to set them at -.6 db -
Which I do not seem to have any control over.

And -
As I know nothing about any of it -
Never have used any of recording or input /output functions
of any sound card or system -

Am I missing that somehow I must use the output jack
of the sound - to be an input into the microphone ?

Before settings in the microphone area will respond?

Or -
Is it more complicated than this?

Ideas, Suggestions or ???

R. Cook

I guess -
I need to say that -
The headphones are not plugged into the sound output.

They are usb style.

Nothing is plugged into the sound jacks.

R. Cook

Make sure Transport > Sound Activated Recording in Audacity is off - not ticked, not checked. That is probably why the Pause button is down.

Make sure in Windows Sound that your computer speakers are the default Windows playback device.

You cannot play the video using the Digital Output and record with stereo mix.

You cannot play the video using the USB headphones and record with stereo mix (as it says on Audacity Manual).

Once you are recording the signal, the recording level slider should affect the level you record at. But the level you play the presentation at will affect the achieved recording level too. Don’t try to record the presentation with the sound turned down.

You can record by connecting the audio out to the microphone port and choosing the external microphone as the recording source in Audacity. But it may give you mono or distorted quality. You should only record with a cable if you have a “line-in” separate from the microphone port.

And as I already told you, the better solution is probably to record using Windows WASAPI host in Audacity or try downloading the video using browser add-ons. At the very least, you can download that video using an application called “Internet Download Manager” (free trial). Obviously we assume you have permission from the video publisher to record or download that video.


Thank you -

For your knowledge, time and
willingness to support.

I knew nothing of how to make this operate.
Easily overwhelmed by information overload.

Recording as we speak.

R. Cook