Recording on the wrong Mic drop-down - can it be fixed?

Hello everyone. First post, hoping someone can help. I have Audacity 2.1 on Windows. Every time I restart the program my settings seem to change, and when the microphone is not set to the Basic Drive US-42 (for the Tascam interface I use) the sound is terrible. Well of course I did my first interview and I thought the settings were right, but they were not. I get home and reboot and there’s the drive, back in the drop-down. So now my intro sounds great and my interview sounds horrible. Is there a way to re-compile the recording using the correct microphone selected? I normalized the audio with helped a lot, but it’s still rough.

Thanks in advance for any help you may provide!

It may not be possible to change this behaviour because USB devices are installed dynamically by Windows.
You could try setting the USB device as the default recording and playback device in the Windows Sound Control Panel - that “may” do the trick.