Recording on a Lenovo Thinkpad


Just purchased a Lenovo Thinkpad E540 using Windows 7 pro and have installed the latest Audacity 2.0.6 as an exe download. Having problems seeing the hidden and disables recording devices (both ticked) as only the mic is shown. So no Line in, CD or AUX. Nothing in device manager so I can’t record off say You Tube. Any suggestions.

What features were you looking for when you bought the machine? Complex sound services aren’t guaranteed and many computers have no provision for self-recording.

It’s true. Modern machines are only used to connect to the internet and tend not to have optical drives or any sound connections past a headset or headphones.

They’re very much like very early terminals connecting to a mainframe.


A friend is telling me some Companies that manufacture laptops now are leaving out a registry key that sort of prevents recording via sound.

The WASAPI method should work on modern Windows computers: