Recording on a Laptop that has single TRRS combination microphone-cum-headphone socket

How do I record on my Laptop that has single TRRS combination microphone-cum-headphone socket directly from the headphone output of a Yamaha keyboard.
I have tried all possible combinations of Mono/Stereo pins at both ends of the connecting cable but am unable to find any other input device other than Microphone Array and Headset/Microphone (Loopback), and there is still no signal. I have added a Y-adapter at the laptop end with all of the various cable combos mentioned above. There is still no signal.
If I route my Yamaha Output through a Native Instruments AI, the input options change and all is well.
I just wanted to remove the AI and try a DIRECT connection to reduce noise to the BARE minimum but apparently it is not to be.
Am I doing something wrong, or have I forgotten some setup somewhere?

“AI” is “audio interface”?

You need an audio interface with line-level inputs, which will be compatible with headphone (or line) outputs.

The line input on a regular soundcard (blue) will also work.

Line-level and headphone-level signals are about 100 times stronger than microphone signals, so although a splitter with separate mic & headphone connections should “work” you won’t get good quality.

Plus the mic input on most laptops and soundcards is usually low-quality an mono. (Your keyboard might have stereo output.)

It’s possible that the laptop is not “sensing” the connection because it’s different from a computer mic.

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