Recording on 2 Tracks

I did a search, but couldn’t find an answer to my question.

I use a JK Audio Broadcast Host, an Allen and Heath Zed-10 mixer and an Audio Technica 2005 to do my podcast. Audacity is obviously my editing software. Is there a way to separate the audio from my mic into one channel and the person I’m interviewing’s audio into another channel? I use the Broadcast Host for phone interviews and want to be able to edit the caller’s audio separate from my audio.

Thanks for any help!

The idea of the hybrid is to isolate your voice from the caller. It should be possible to feed your voice to the hybrid from an effects-send on the mixer so the caller can hear you independent of what the show is doing. Then bring the caller back into the mixer as a regular sound channel. If the hybrid is doing its job, the caller will appear by himself. If you have a pre-fade FX Send, that will let you set up the call ahead of time while the rest of the show is already rolling.

You can also record the caller by himself if your mixer has enough busses. I pick three. Left and Right program and caller.

If you record the show in mono, you can record the show on Left and the caller on Right. That will require some cable juggling, but it will give you split voices which you can jam together later into a finished mono show.

If you think about the signal routing long enough you might need to lie down for a while.

You will have local monitoring issues, too. You need to mix a “talent” bus so your live guest with you in the room can hear and talk to the caller.

This is what multi-bus mixers were designed to do.


Hey, thanks for your reply Koz. Recording my studio mic (plugged into channel one on my Zed-10 mixer) on a left mono track and my guest (the output of my Broadcast Host phone patch is plugged into channel 4 of the mixer) on the right side of a mono track sounds like a great idea. I never have anyone else in the studio with me. It’s always just the guest and me.

Right now, I’m using a USB cable to connect the mixer to my PC. When you said I could record the 2 of us on 2 separate tracks using various cables, you were talking about still using the USB cable to connect the Zed-10 mixer to my PC, but using 1/4" cables to jump between various jacks on my mixer to split the sound up like that, right?

Thanks again for the help!

We warn people that it’s difficult for us to be instant experts on everybody’s different equipment.

No, I was assuming an analog connection where you could split the cables and record Left and FX Send instead of Left and Right. I think you can still do this. Pan your voice all the way left and pan the Hybrid all the way right and record that. The telephone sidetone and line echoes are what usually kill you when recording a landline. Most of that should vanish with the hybrid.


Thanks for your help Koz. It’s separating now. I panned it, kike you said.

Once you get the stereo show with the performers panned like that, you can use the little drop-down menu to the left of the tracks and “Split Stereo Track.” That will let you edit each side independently of the other. Then you can use that same menu to Make Stereo Track and then Tracks > Stereo Tracks To Mono to produce a mixed show.

That will produce a proper mono show when you export which will play out both stereo speakers on sound systems. If that makes you nervous, you can duplicate the track Edit > Duplicate and using the little drop-down menu again, Make Stereo Track.