Recording OK then suddenly I only see a flat line [SOLVED]

I’m recording from a turntable. Worked fine with Vista, just upgraded to Windows 7. Downloaded latest version of Audacity.
As I’m recording I can see the buzz meter drawing its squiggly line, then after a few seconds everything just goes flat line. Then the squiggle goes again, then everything flat lines.
Any idea how to fix this?

I would probably start here. Windows Enhanced Services hates music.


I think the symptoms indicate that Audacity cannot write to its temporary directory.

Edit > Preferences. Choose “Directories” on the left. Set the Audacity temporary directory to a working drive, and choose a folder that you have permission to write to.

C:UsersAppDataLocalTempaudacity_temp should work fine.

OK all the dialogues and restart Audacity.


Hi Gale,
It is already set to something similar, does this look right?
C:Program FilesLame for Audacityaudacity_temp

You won’t be able to write to anywhere in Program Files unless you are logged in as an administrator.

You will be much better to use the standard location for the Audacity temp directory.

What you can do in Directories Preferences is to select over C:Program FilesLame for Audacityaudacity_temp, delete it, then type or paste in:

C:Users<your user name>AppDataLocalTempaudacity_temp

Replace with whatever your user name is, without the brackets. So if your user name was “mik” you would type or paste:


Then click OK and OK and restart Audacity.

If it is easier, reinstall Audacity using the 2.0.5 installer from Audacity ® | Download for Windows , ensuring that you check (tick) the “Reset Preferences” box half way through the installer. When you launch Audacity, click “Yes” when it asks if you want to reset preferences.


Thanks Gale, that worked perfectly.