Recording not starting?

Hi guys,

I’ve had very good success with Audacity in general, but today when I was about to record, it just… won’t record? I hit record and the timeline is just frozen in place, nothing moves and the marker on the timeline is red, indicating that something is wrong. I find nothing from my brief knowledge of the settings, have I accidentally hit something or what’s going on? My devices are all setup as they should be, too. I have 2.1.2 and I’m running on Windows 10.

Appreciate any help

Please expand on that. What devices? How have you set them up?

By that I mean that I’m using my regular speakers, regular microphone (standard Blue Yeti usb microphone) and they work on for example Skype calls, just not on Audacity. The puzzling thing is that I record things like 2-3 times a week at least, and never had this problem before. My guess is that I’ve hit some kind of quick command but I’d have no idea what, if so.

USB mics do not record for months on end without cold boot of the computer.

Windows Start Menu, Power button, hold SHIFT and click on “Shut down”.

If the problem still occurs after reboot, ensure “Audio to Buffer” in Audacity’s Recording Preferences is set high enough. Default is 100 milliseconds.