recording not in stereo

im using a numark turnatable. and the inline input, with stereo cassette deck connected, and stereo tapes playing into audacity,
of course stereo is selected on the latest audacity windows version, etc, but what seems to be happening is that audacity is receiving the data in mono, and im using a stereo jack plug plug lead, this problem happens on a vista windows version I have, and a windows 8.1 , but works absolutely fine on a windows xp version, any clues anyone to this strange problem…

Is that a different computer and/or a different sound card?

What sort of sound card are you using? Are you sure that the input supports stereo? If it does, look in the Windows Sound Control Panel and ensure that Windows is set to record in stereo.

im using
audacity 2.1.1 dowmloaded via exe.
sound card Conexant Smart Audio
and windows 8.1

USB turntables in Windows Vista and later usually default to mono recording when first connected.

So, assuming this Numark is a USB turntable, as Steve said, you need to set the Numark device to stereo recording in Windows.

This FAQ shows you how to do this (look in the green box):


will try this, not got the turntable connected with me at present, but that will be needed to select the usb connection in windows, thanks