recording noise

good evening everyone,

please, could someone help me remove the noise that is in the recording.
I’ve done a lot of noise reduction, but it still didn’t look good.
My microphone is a lapel, should I exchange it for another one?

I am from Brazil. :confused:

Lapel mics are prone to low signal and high noise, but can be useful when the mic needs to be inconspicuous (such as video interviews).

What sort of recordings are you doing?

Can you post some of the voice on the forum?

Most lapel microphones can be installed any direction. They don’t have a front. But some do. Some unusual lapel microphones have to be used with the front facing the face or they don’t work right. Do you know which type you have?


Hi Steve,

my label microphone is this

thanks for your reply!

Hi Steve,

I am making video for youtube with VideoScribe.

Hi Koz,

I don’t know how I can post of the voice here, I don’t find where I can attach the file.
My lapel microphones is this

thanks for your reply!

Instructions are in the link that koz posted: