recording noise persists

please help me to fix it
I was using audacity without any problem since years, but now i am getting only huge noise whenever i record anything from a mic. The noise is so huge on right channel that whole of my voice is suppressed under it… please suggest resolution methods. This happens with all microphones.
My OS is windows 7 32bit.
I am attaching a photo of my recording below in url, so that you can easily understand the problem.

Could be a mechanical issue – bad cable, bad circuit. Strange a mono input microphone is producing one channel of noise.

What sort of “noise” is that? Is it a loud hum?
What sort of mic are you using and how is it attached to your computer?

yea it is like humm but very loud, seems electric hummm with noise… I am using intex microphone. I used it before as well and it was working fine. Suddenlu without any change to system this happened. I am connecting mic through a cable to rear mic port of desktop.

It could be due to a damaged mic cable / plug. Are you able to test the mic with anything other than your computer?

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We’d be better able to advise if you attached some audio.

please hear the noise here, i have recorded the said noise here.
please go through URL

Sounds to me like a bad earth connection, which is most likely caused by a faulty / dirty connector, or a damaged microphone lead.

Sir, as i connected other microphone to same desktop, said noise persists. Same loud noise, as i uploaded (noise) in my previous post. What should i do now.

It is looking like the connector on the computer is experiencing some malfunction (you changed microphones and the problem persists). Try the front microphone connector or a USB audio box with the same two microphones. All connectors have an expected use rate before eventually failing to operate. You might be able to open the connector and attach some new wires and connector directly to the old one. I would not attempt to solder the motherboard – they often have no lead solder that has a high melting point temperature; and the motherboards are multi-layer. Best of luck.