Recording Noise at 1000Hz and Intervals of 1KHz up to 10KHz

Hey Forum,

I love audacity – very useful. Unfortunately, I have been having 1000Hz noise anytime I try to record with a usb mic. If you look at the profile of the noise, it has sharp noise peaks starting at ~1000Hz and continues every 1000Hz. In other words, noise at 1000Hz, 2000Hz, 3000Hz, and so on.

I have tried using different usb mics, and I still experience the same noise. However, when I record directly from the computer’s mic, I don’t have it. Because of this, I think the noise is coming from the mics being powered by usb. Has anyone else experienced/fixed this problem? Help would be greatly appreciated.

Would perhaps using a separate, powered usb hub solve this? Thanks again for your help!

Would perhaps using a separate, powered usb hub solve this?

That’s how we do it. It’s not a shock that the USB power from your computer is “dirty” and putting clicks or whine in the show. The USB system is completely analog where your voice meets the 5 volts from the computer. Any problem with either one gets burned into the show. Once it becomes a digital bitstream, it’s much more difficult to damage.

Can you borrow a wall-powered hub to test it?

Are you trying to record with speakers running instead of headphones? Does the whine go away of you stop listening to the show during the recording?


If you use a powered hub, don’t plug anything else into the hub other than the mic. Sharing the hub with another USB device is likely to cause clicks and “missing bits” in the recording.

Wow thanks alot guys. Yes, the whine does disappear (a little bit) when I actually record, but as soon as the recording dampens down in sound, the whining comes back.

I don’t have a powered usb hub, but I will buy it if it will solve the problem. Does the usb hub need to be grounded? My computer is grounded, so I would think the ground would go to the usb hub as well?. On amazon, I found this:

Also, thanks for letting me know that I can’t plug anything into the hub without the mic – really good tip that I didn’t think of.

I use a PC Toshiba. I record with a usb mic, and have speakers inserted in the 3.5mm jack of the laptop. I have tried removing the speakers and it doesn’t get rid of the noise.

If your computer is a laptop, try running it on batteries.

Unfortunately, I tried not plugging the laptop in and I still get the noise – I am convinced I need to buy a powered usb port. =/