recording next day

Im planning to record my voice, reading from a book

ok, I record say 20 mins… save the file to my doc

next day I want to continue

do I import the file and somehow continue from where I left off ?

Do I start another file and maybe stitch them together later ?

I may be recording over 3 or 4 days

thanks for any advice

If you are working over several days on something I would recommend saving an Audacity Project (File > Save Project…). Then when you restart next day, just open the AUP file you saved.

For additional safety, you could File > Export… a WAV file after each recording, as a backup if something happens to the project. But it will be convenient to reopen the project.

When you reopen the project, you can hold SHIFT and click on Record to record at the end of the track that is already there.


thanks for the advice…

yes Ill save the project at the end of each session of recording…

but also export mp3 of the session too so if anything goes wrong
I can stitch together all the mp3 recordings

No :wink:.

MP3 is lossy encoding. Use WAV for backups, which is lossless, as is the audio stored in Audacity projects.

If you export MP3’s and have to stitch them together and re-encode them as a single MP3, you have lost quality twice. :cry: