Recording New Track

When I record a new track while playing back previously recorded tracks, the new track records what I am playing and all the other tracks as well. How do I set it up so only the new track records what I’m playing and filters out all the previously recorded tracks.

I’m pluging a guitar output into the line in on my computer. That works fine, but when I record a new track, all the other tracks record on the new track as well. Thanks.

Open the sound card mixer (on Windows this is usually a loudspeaker icon near the time/date in the bottom right of the desktop).
Find the Recording input settings and set it to “Line In” (it’s probably set to “Stereo Mix” or similar).

Thanks for the reply. It was set to stereo mix, but I was also running the signal out of my computer back to my effects unit which I have plugged directly into the line in. This was causing in the signal to go out from the effects unit line out which was also carrying the other recorded tracks. It was looping out of my head phones plugged into the computer speakers, through the effects unit and back to the computer. Thanks