Recording, Need help enhancing background whispers, Please.

I broke down the 1minute of audio with whispers I cant make out, i would really appreciate it if someone could help make out what was said, its important or any tips, I just cant make it out. Any help would be appreciated.

You hit the jackpot. TV running in the background. I know spy movies always do that to keep people from listening in to a conversation but it’s not theatrical. That works. Like in this case. That TV is going to screw up the noise and loudness processing tools.


Ya and its an old school crt TV,u can hear the static coming off it, lol.

You need to apply “Limiter” repeatedly (CTRL + R)…
Limiter settings , (applied reapeatedly).png
[ Re: interpreting whispers , beware audio pareidolia ]

Thank you appreciate the help, let ya know how it works when I get the time to try it out.