Recording my side of a Skype session

I am trying to record my side of a Skype conversation only. When I press record, it records my voice louder, but it also records the people I am talking to. How do I prevent this? Thanks.

Recording from Skype is problematic because of the way that Skype manipulates the computer sound system. There is special software available for Skype recording (Search this forum for other posts about Skype).

You may be able to record just your side of the conversation by changing the recording source to “Mic” instead of “stereo Mix”. This is not a setting in Audacity. To change the recording source, use the Windows Mixer or your sound card’s control panel (there will probably be an icon near your system clock).

I don’t use Skype so I don’t know if this will work or not, so please let us know how you get on.

I’m betting no. You will either get Skype telephone services or a sound recording, not both. In order for the VOIP telephone systems to work reliably, they have to take over the computer sound services with an iron fist. Variations are either not allowed, or cause immediate damage.

There is one VOIP service that offers a service that runs under the supervision of the main program, but in the background and can be used to record both sides of the conversation. As I vaguely recall, they will happily sell it to you.

The other option is two computers. There was a posting on here a while back where somebody wanted to establish three different sound pathways on one computer. “Play track one to my headphones…” In a word, no. Conventional, walk into the local mall and buy a computer, machines do not do that. You get two pathways max and sometimes not even that.