Recording music through DJ controller

I modified the sound card settings in my mac osx version 10.8 mountain lion to play a dj controller through my internal speakers. I have gone through the help guide;

I am hitting record and there is still no sound being recorded through audacity.

Whats wrong??


and this


Macs still don’t have the ability to record playback. You didn’t use the words: “I installed and am using SoundFlower.”

SoundFlower provides the “reverse” pathway to route playback sound into a recording. That may still not work depending on what you had to do to the soundcard to get the controller to work, but I’ve never had any trouble.


Yes I installed soundflower. I can record whats playing off my web browser (youtube, live sport streams), but still cannot record music from dj controller and serato intro

Which DJ controller?

While I dig…

Did you go through MIDI remapping setup mentioned in the Serato literature?

Audacity doesn’t support MIDI very well, so anything MIDI does is likely to be invisible to Audacity.

There is another posting from someone having trouble recording a Serato Intro.

Turns out you have to connect the sound signal from the DJ controller back into the computer to record it—at least according to this posting. If you have an earlier Mac, you may have a Stereo Line-In like I have (on the left). In which case, you’re one cable away from making it work.

If you don’t, you may be in the market for a stereo Line-In USB adapter such as the Behringer UCA202. Here’s one on my mixer.

Let me know if I wander off. I can’t see what you have and I’ve never used Serato.