Recording Music Set Using Mixer and Denon DS1


I am having an issue recording music sets in Audacity with my MacBook Pro(2017). I am running MacOS Mojave 10.14.4 and 2.3.1 Audacity. I am coming from Windows to Mac environment for the 1st time. I am using a mixer behringer ddm 4000 and the denon DS1. When I am trying to set input for recording, The Mac only reads internal mic and DS1 only. The output options are only DS1 and internal output. There is no “line in” option for me to record thru. In the Windows environment, when I plugged in the 3.5mm line in plug, I was given option to use as input “line in”. I do not have that option here on MAC. This has been going on for 3 weeks now with no progress. I love the software and would like to use moving forward but I cannot use without the internal mic as input and of course the mic picks up everything outside. Is there a work around? Help

Please describe the full set-up, including what is plugged in to what using what kind on cables/connectors.

okay… so I have CDJs with RCA outs to the Denon DS1 input. The Denon DS1 RCA outs go to the Behringer Mixer. There is a main line out which is RCA coming into the laptop 3.5mm to record. XLRs out to the Speakers. same setup with prior windows laptop, no issues.

According to the DS1 manual:

USB Port: This connection powers DS1 (when your
computer is powered on) and sends to and receives
audio from your computer.

so why are you not using the DS1 as an audio interface?

I am using the DS1 as audio interface. Audacity is reading it but if I choose the DS1 as the input via USB, I get a full block of output that is just a high pitched noise. So after I rescan devices, I choose DS1 for input and built in output for output. That is what I get. Now when I was in the windows environment, my choice was line in for input(mic) and and my speakers for output(speaker) and I had no issues. The DS1 is still going into my Mixer and main out from mixer goes into computer for recording and out to speakers

You don’t have your equipment plugged in correctly. Please refer to the DS1 manual for how to connect the equipment. If you don’t have the manual, you can download it here:

I have had this setup for 2 years, the only change in this instance is the MacBook Pro and how Audacity is acting with it. I stated before that I can unplug my MAC, and plug my PC to the same hookup I have RIGHT NOW and Audacity records perfectly. I just recorded last night on my PC! I have photos to send or upload as well if you want to take a look. I have all my wires hooked up correctly per the manual. Audacity is not reacting the same due to not being able to detect the “main line in” to the laptop. I explained this earlier. The DS1 manual only goes over the install for play, not recording through Audacity so it does not even touch the topic of the main line out of mixer going into main line in to laptop. include your email and I can send you pics of the set up also I can send video of the situation as well. I just want to solve the issue. Again, My setup is playing perfectly, no issues with playing. It is recording the signal with Audacity which is the issue. It’s really frustrating.

Thanks for trying but it is wasn’t an AUDACITY issue. It is an APPLE issue as the model MACBOOK PRO I have does not have a separate AUDIO input option. I have found a solution but that solution is the Griffin I-MIC which allows for you to create an audio input and change the analog signal to digital for recording here. They are discontinued but I was lucky to find a brand new one on eBay for $12. It works so I am now good. Someone needs to start manufacturing these for this issue as the newer MBPs do not have a separate audio input except for the internal MIC which does not help at all. :smiley: