Recording music audio from video music files.

Hi Everyone. I’m trying to use Audacity 2.x on Windows 7 to make audio CD’s from video music files. I have no idea if it can be done, or how to proceed.I spent a long time checking past topics, but came up empty. Thank you.

video music files.

Where are the video music files?


If you have an audio/video file on your computer, you can usually just open it in Audacity. Audacity will strip-out the audio.

Then, you can save the audio in the audio format of your choice. If you are making CDs, the best choice is 44.1kHz/16-bit WAV. Or course, you can optionally edit or adjust the volume before saving.

Then, you’ll need CD burning software to make the CD. I use ImgBurn.

You may have to install the optional FFMPEG Library, depending on the audio/video format. (And, Audacity won’t work with commercial DVDs which are copy-protected.)

Hello DVDdoug. Thanks for responding to my post. I really appreciate the effort you made to help. I didn’t follow your advice yet, but plan to do so very soon. I hope it works, I tried various software without any success. By the way, the music videos
are already recorded on my computer, using RealPlayer free. IMGBURN is installed, and ready, just waiting.
I’ll be happy to inform you of my progress. As you can tell, I’m new to this. Thanks again.