recording multiple tracks

So I record one track. Then I hit record and it just records the track I just recorded… Why?? and How to fix??

So you recorded one track with a Samson C01U USB microphone on Windows 8.1 with the recording input in the device toolbar set to record from the USB microphone ???

No, I’ve just been using the mic in my computer…

What Steve means is, look at the pink panel at the top of the page and give us some information to go on:

which version of Windows you are using, the exact three-section version of Audacity from Help > About Audacity

What mic “in” your computer? Do you mean the built-in mic, or a mic port you connected a mic to? If so what is the make and model number of the mic?

Are you wearing headphones? If not, the mic will hear previous tracks that you play while recording.

Are you recording with stereo mix or what U hear selected as input device (third box) in Device Toolbar? If yes, you will record the previous tracks. Try selecting the mic.

And note you may not be able to stop some built-in mics recording sound that is already playing.


I am using windows 8 and the mic inside the computer. Yes I am using stereo mix on the sound panel instead of microphone, and yes I always listen through headphones.

Stereo mix records sounds playing on the computer.

If you choose stereo mix to record from, you will record the previous tracks if you play those previous tracks while recording.

So choose the built in mic for input device in Device Toolbar. Click this link (in blue) to read about Audacity’s Device Toolbar Audacity Manual.

If you have an obsolete 1.x version of Audacity you may not have Device Toolbar. Get the latest Audacity 2.0.5 from here: Audacity ® | Download for Windows .

And be prepared that even if you choose the built-in mic to record from, it may still record the previous tracks. If you are trying to record overdubs, you are doing it in the worst possible way. Consider spending a little money. If you can only spend a few dollars, get a cheap computer mic with a 3.5mm (1/8 inch) plug.

If you don’t want to hear previous tracks while recording, simply click the Transport Menu at the top of Audacity and remove the checkmark from “Overdub” (but still choose the mic to record from).

If you need more help, please tell us exactly what you are trying to do, otherwise we will just be going round in circles.


Alright, thanks so much for the help… I appreciate it a lot… and I am in the process of buying a mic, I’m just trying to figure this out so thanks.