Recording multiple tracks audio bleed throuh

good day all… i’m sure this has been addressed, but i can’t seem to find a thread…anyway, when i record in audacity, everything is great for the first track…records left and right channels, everything is great… when i record the second track, however, the sound from the first track bleeds into the second, and i cannot figure out how to fix this. i thought maybe the bleeding was coming from my speakers, so i attached headphones, and the bleeding actually got worse.

i did notice, however, that the Mac version has a drop down called “Audacity” located beside the “File” drop down… windows does not have that button…what is the equivalent drop down for windows? there is an option on Mac that appears to correct my problem…

anyway, thanks…i hope someone can give me a hand…

So I’m a Windows guy. What is the option called ?

Here are a few - perhaps you will find one to be useful:

Please post back your solution.

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