Recording multiple inputs

Is it possible to record multiple inputs/mics at the same time?

I’m using 3 Presonus Inspires, each has 2 mic inputs, so that’s six total. You don’t need a mixer for them. They connect directly to each other via firewire cables.
But I Audacity only allows me to choose one at a time in the input device options even though all 3 are actually listed.

Normally, FireWire is valuable because it keeps all the connected devices separate and independent of each other. That’s a problem here because you want to smooch them all together.

Audacity will only record from one device no matter how many channels it has. The problem with many devices is they arrange the channels in groups of two – stereo – and Audacity will only deal with any one group of two.

Macs have the ability to create an “Aggregate Device” which adds up all your digital devices and makes them appear as one, but that’s not available in Windows. So no.