Recording Multiple devices

Simply put: How is it done?

I’ve seen audacity used to record from multiple microphones each on their individual tracks (achievement hunter’s gaming channel sometimes has it visible when they use Real life video)

I’m essentially trying to do the same by using virtual audio cable to record skype, game audio and myself on different tracks to allow for editing after the recording

So how is it done?

Specific version: 2.0.5 using windows 7 64bit, let me know if anything else is needed

USB microphones are simple sound devices (normally) and you can sometimes manage them independently enough to record (with occasional sync problems). Skype and Games are computing environments that tend not to play well with others. Very different. You can sometimes used specialized software like FRAPS and Pamela to record games and Skype, but I don’t know about using them both at once.


I’m using the software “Virtual audio cable” which creates 2 more virtual devices to essentially make it behave as though those were usb devices of some sort. I’m asking how I would set audacity to record them then I.e: If I had 3 mics connected and wanted each mic recorded on a seperate track how would I do that?

Audacity can record from “one” device at a time.
It may possible, using third party software such as “Virtual audio cable” or “VB-Cable”, to “combine” two or more audio devices so that they appear to Audacity as a single “virtual” device. The “virtual device” would then be selected in the normal way, using the device toolbar.

We are not able to offer support for third part software, so if you need help setting up VAC you should use their support channel.

If you need to record everything to separate channels you may be able to use Kristal as that can record from different sound devices at once.