Recording Mono vs. Stereo with one USB Mic

I am windows xp

I have ONE [very cheap] usb mic. is there ANY difference if I record in stereo as opposed to mono? would recording in stereo be the same as recording in mono then duplicating the track and making it into a stereo track? [thank you].

Recording in “stereo” (two audio channels) with a mono microphone is likely to produce two identical audio tracks, though, depending on the hardware and the drivers may produce one channel with the sound and one silent channel.

Recording as a stereo track will double the size of the Audacity Project.
There are few if any real benefits to recording a mono source as a stereo track.

That’s the left-brain engineer. The right-brain creative type always delivers a single voice performance as a stereo (two-track mono) track to a client because I know the performance is almost invariably going to be mixed into a stereo show. Yes, it’s perfectly possible for the editor to deal with mono in post production, but this isn’t an electronic problem. It assigns blame.