Recording mixes to my Laptop

Hello Gang.

I’ve got myself a Lenovo G560E with Audacity downloaded, a pair of Pioneer CDJ400s, and a Numark M1 mixer. My question to you folks out there is how the devil can I get recording? I’ve had a good read through the forums and can’t find much information, especially given I’m using an entry level mixer. I’ve got RCAs, and was wondering if I should be investing in a Behringer UCA202 after reading up on the forums here. Then again, it’s only guesswork.

Can anyone enlighten me, or send me in the right direction?

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Most Windows laptops will not interface with your mixer. Look on the side of the computer and see if you have three sound connections or only two.

If two, you should go through your instructions or just dig into your Windows Control Panels and see if you can switch one of them between mono Mic-In and Stereo Line-In. Some computers do.

For those that don’t, there’s the Behringer UCA202 or equivalent.


I’d expect the UCA 202 to work well with your set-up though you’ll need to be careful not to push the output level from your mixer too high.
Your set-up will be similar to this (see the links for more details).

Cheers fellas, that’s really useful. I’ve got two sound outputs, but got a UCA202 ordered just in case. Thanks again!

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Hello again, sorry to be such a loser, but I’m still struggling.

I’ve got by Behringer UCA202 hooked up through my laptop, and connected with the RCA cables. What’s going wrong? What do I have to do now to start recording through Audacity…

Confused + embarrased …

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I’m still stuck my friends, I’ve got my RCAs into the Input of the UCA202, then its plugged via USB into my laptop - and I think the final piece of the puzzle is to use the Headphone Jack in tha UCA202 to plug back into my Amp + Speaker set-up via RCAs with a converter.

Is that correct, sound about right?


Thanks folks

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Connect the mixer to the RCA inputs of the UCA 202.
Connect the outputs of the UCA 202 to your amp.
Connect the USB from the UCA 202 to your laptop.
Open Audacity - if it’s already opn, close and restart it.
Set both the input and output settings in the Device Toolbar to the USB option:

Thank you both for your wisdom!

I have Audio, and Audacity works fine. My issue now is that the audio quality on the other end isn’t top drawer, and it’s too bassy.

You’ve done enough though so will scout the forums for more advice.

Thank you loads

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My issue now is that the audio quality on the other end isn’t top drawer, and it’s too bassy.

Wait. Other end of what? Koz

Sorry I just meant after I record it on Audacity, the audio playback is all fuzzy and horrible

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Probably overload. Do your blue waves look more or less like this…

Or do the waves smash all the way up and down like this…
Picture 1.png