Recording mix (Mic + Computer sound)

We are using Teamspeak and Discord for voicechat in gaming. I’tried all ALSA, PULSE and JACK to record my mic and the chatroom channel voice in Audacity. Is that possible at all?


If all of the applications work with Jack, then you could use “Connect” button in QjackCtl to rout sounds wherever you want them to go.
There’s some information about QjackCtl here:–-beginners-guide-getting-started-jack
(Google is your friend)

I’m honoured to be able to get answer from SiteAdmin or Developer self :slight_smile: Actually i tried this CLI and Qt tools before, was to complicated and not working with USB mic directly. But i found other way with OBS studio. Just created new scene with Output+USBmic and recording only the PC sound and mic (MOV or MPEG4) without any noise or echo. Almost Perfect then finally edit/export in Audacity!

Thanks again