Recording missing certain layers of sound

Hi, I am using Windows 10, Audacity 2.1.1.
I notice when I record an album, some layers of a song are either muted or completely missing. For example, a guitar riff in the song will play on the record when I play it through my receiver. But when I hook it up to my computer, the riff will not be heard or recorded. Any idea what might cause this and/or how to remedy it?


I notice when I record an album…

Please tell us about your hardware and how you are connected. Are you connected from tape-out on your receiver to line-in on your soundcard? (Mic-in on a laptop or soundcard won’t work well and will probably be mono.)

Are you missing the left or right, or the “center”?

If it’s a USB input you may need to set it to stereo in Windows sound. See