Recording Microphone and Application audio together

I was wondering if it’s possible to record audio from multiple sources at the same time, for example: recording my microphone on one track while simultaneously recording Discord audio on another track. I’ve tried having two sessions of audacity open but each instance of audacity synchronizes whether recording is set on MME or Windows WASAPI with the other.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :smiley:

  • leigtyboi

Windows has a playback mixer but generally you can record from only one source at a time. There are ways to [u]record the sound coming OUT of your soundcard[/u] and that can be a mix.

[u]Pamela[/u] is for recording Skype and I don’t know if it would work in your situation. There is a program called Virtual Audio Cable and another called Jack that allow some “re-routing” or “tapping into” the internal audio but I’ve never used them.

Thanks for the reply! I’m not very clear on how exactly souncards function, would recording directly out of them include microphone audio aswell?

If so, what, out the options that you kindly linked, should I attempt?

That’s possible on Linux, but for Windows / Mac I think you need additional software, such as the apps from (Windows only, donation-ware).